Dr .G. B. Nanda

Sl Year Title Journals
1 2003 Probiotics and Diarrhea, review article.  Orissa journal of Paediatrics(OJP)Vol.10,No-2,P-19.7
2 2003 Thymoma – A case report. OJP ,Vol.10,No 1,P-39.
3 2006 Bovine Colostrum – A review article Ekamra-Vol.2,No1,P 12-17.
4 - Newer and combination Vaccines. Journal of IAP East Zone –Pedi info.

Dr. S. S. Mohapatra

Sl Year Title Journals
1 1979 Bacteriological study of diarrhoea in infancy and childhood. Indian Pediatr 16,421-427
2 1979 Clinical Profile of E.coil diarrhoea in hospitalised children Indian Pediatr 16,249-254
3 1979 Cardiac state in Sickle cell anaemia. Indian Pediatr 16,897-901
4 1982 Incidence of mortality of hospitalised diarrhoea cases. Indian Pediatr 19,607-612
5 1982 Customs and benefits on neonatal care in tribal community. Indian Pediatr 19,675-678
6 1982 Growth pattern of preschool children in tribal of Orissa Indian Pediatr 19,701-707
7 1982 Simplified scoring for identification of high-risk births evaluation in arural community Indian Pediatr 19,913-915
8 1984 Cockington Nomogram as a guide to photography in the management of neontal hyperbilirubinemia evaluation in indian Neonates Indian Pediatr 21,229-233
9 1984 Rural perinatal mortality Indian Pediatr 21,645-649
10 1987 Predictability of severity of ABO Haemolytic disease. Indian Pediatr 24,313-315
11 1989 Belief of rural mothers about diarrhoea in Orissa India.Dialogue on Diarrhoea(London) 39,7
12 1991 Branding A prevalent harmful practice in neonatal care. Indian Pediatr 28,683-684
13 1991 Breast feeding practices of women in rural Orissa,India Tropical Doctor,London,1991(Jan) 36
14 2008 Nutritional Supplementation to Preemies in Rural Area. Orissa Journal of Pediatrics 

Dr. Lingaraj Pradhan

Sl Year Title Journals
1 1998 Ascaris lumbricoides-Unusal exit. Indian Pediatrics Vol. 35, No.4 Page 371 
2 2001 Drowning- Review article  OJP (Orissa Journal of Pediatrics) Vol. 8, No. 2 & 3, Page 8,
3 2002 Importance of Newborn OJP (Orissa Journal of Pediatrics) 34th week - Vol. 9 No. 2 Page 52
4 2005 Infant Mortality Journal of Indian Institute of Public  Administration Vol.XIII-2004-2005,P-59
5 2005  Simplified Approach for Diagnosis of Bleeding Disorders EKAMRA (Bulletin of Khurda Dist. IAP) Vol. 1 No 4, Page 22, Oct.-Dec.-2005,
6 2005 Bilateral Bell’s Palsy EKAMRA Vol.2 No. 1,Page 10
7 2004-05 Infant  Mortality Journ.Ind.Inst.Public Adm 13:59-63
8 2008 colonization of a Lactobacillus Plantarum Synbiotic preparation in the Neonatal Gut.  J.Ped.Gastro.Nutri. 47;45-53
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Mohapatra
1 2007 Nabajata Shishu o' taar jatn Book
Dr.Satyanarayan Dash
1 1997 Pilanku Bhoka hue Nahin Kanhiki? Book
2 1998 Nabajata Shishura Jatna Book
3 2000 Shishura Khadya Book
Dr.Arabinda Mohanty
1 - Shishura Jatna-Maa'ra Prashna Book
Dr. R Satpathy
1 1979 Satpathy. R, Das D.B.; Accidental poisoning in childhood. J Indian Med. Asso,  73:190-194.
2 1980 Satpathy. R, Das D.B.; Aplasia of radius. Indian Paediatrics, 17;202.
3 1982 Satpathy. R, Das D.B.; Bhuyan B.K.; Congenital lobar ephysema. Indian Paediatrics,  19:874-877.
4 1978 Jaiswal K.J, Satpathy. R, Dutta. D.K., and Singhdeo. R; Sacoma of the bladder. Indian J Radiol. 32; 257-258.
5 1980 Satpathy. R; Pani K.P; Singhdeo R; Hepatoblastoma in children; Indian Paediatrics,  17:637
6 1981 Satpathy. R; Das D.B; Bhuyan B.K; Tuberculous rheumatism, Indian Paediatrics, . 18-131-132
7 1988 Satpathy. R;; Neonatal poliomyelitis, In recent trends in Medical virology,   Chan YG,  p,158.
8 1990 Satpathy. R;., Das D.B; Pant K.C; Sulochana K.S; Sarangi J.S; Foetal hydantoni syndrome, J Indian Medical Association,  88:168-169.
9 1988 Das B.S, Das D.B; Satpathy. R;.N, Patnaik J.K and Bose T.K; Riboflavin deficiency and severity of malaria. Europ. J Clin. Nutr,  42:277-283.
10 1990 Das B.S, Thurnham DI, Patnaik JK, Das D.B, Satpathy. R;, Bose T.K; Increased plasma lipid peroxidation in riboflavin deficient malaria infected children.Am J clin Nutr. 51:859-63
11 1990 Satpathy. R;,Das DB, Bhuyan B.K,Pant K.C and Sulochana S; Secular trends in birth weight in an industrial hospital in India. Annals of Trop Paed. ,1:21-25.
12 1990 Satpathy. R;, Das D.B, Nanda N.C; Abstract from on going Research Causes of failure of breastfeeding in early infancy (Infants below 4 months of age)-Glimpses, Vol-12,no-4,Jul-Aug  1990;pg4.
13 1993 Satpathy. R;,Das D.B, Nanda N.C, Patnaik J.K, Mishra S.K and Das B.S ;Complications of IM Quinine Injections ; 2 Case reports .Indian Journal of Malariology, Vol-30,1993,pg 45-49.
14 1994 Satpathy. R;,Das D.B, Iyer R.V, Nanda N.C, Sulochana S,Saha A.K,Naik M. Incidence of Hepatities B surface antigen positivity in pregnant women- a hospital study.Abstract of the 8th Asia n Cong. Of Paed.New Delhi-1994. Editor P Choudhary et al,; pg 168 & Orissa J Paed, 1;4-7
15 1994 Mishra S.K, Satpathy S.K Satpathy. R; and Nanda N.C; Myoglobuneuric renal failure following rabdomyolysis, J. Assoc. Physicians India  42; 911-2
16 1995 Mishra S.K, Satpathy S.K and Satpathy. R;; Myoglobeneuric verses rabdomyolytic ARFJ,Assoc,Physicians India. 1995;43-305-6
17 1995 Satpathy. R;,Das D.B and Nanda N.C; Knowledge of Anganwadi workers about Breastfeeding, Indian Paediat. 1995;32;933.
18 1998 Satpathy. R; Nanda N.C; Green coconut water (GCW) Letter to the Editor, Jour of. Asso of Phy, India   
19 1998 Satpathy. R; Ratho S; From, general hospital to baby-friendly hospital, World Health Forum (WHO)  19 433-34.
20 2000 R. Satpathy. R, & Mishra S.K,; The alarming  “gender gap” Bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO)  78;1373 
21 2000 Rath PK, Nanda NC, Das U, Saha A, Rath PN, Ratho S & Satpathy R; Platelets, it’s diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic role in DHF/DSS in children. Indian Jour. Of Hematology and Blood Transfusion; 18,13
22 1999 Das B.S, Nanda N.K, Rath P.K, Satpathy. R;, Das D.B. Anemia in acute, Plamodium Falciparum malaria in children in children from Orissa state, India, Annals of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology 93 No-2,109 118
23 2001 Misra S. K., Satpathy. R;, - Physicians` attitude about prescribing and knowledge of  costs of common medications. Arch. Intern. Med 2001. 161,10.
24 2001 Satpathy. R;, Nanda NC, Pant KC, Das BS, Ratho S & Panigrahi P., -Changing- severity of childhood malaria, in an endemic malarial area of India.  Abstracts, The 23rd International Congress of Pediatrics and The 2nd International congress on Pediatric Nursing.  Sep 9- 14 2001,  Bejing China.
25 2001 Satpathy. R; Nanda NC, Pant KC, Rath PK & Rath P., Unusual Bony crisis in a child With sickle cell disease, Orissa journal of paediatrics. 2001
Dr. Gadadhar Sarangi
(President IAP Orissa Branch)
Dr. Pramod Kumar Mohanty
(Secretary, IAP Khurda Branch)
Orissa Journal of Pediatrics Vol 11, No.1, Jan - March 2010  
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